Participate in Your Child's Reading

Make Summer Reading FUN!

As a parent your support and involvement are an important part of your child's summer reading success. Here are some ideas that can help make this summer's reading program a fun and positive experience for your child.

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Help your child set a realistic goal for summer reading.

Sit down together and agree on a time that will be spent reading each week or a number of books that your child will try to read during the summer vacation.

Establish a family reading time in your home.

Having a set time several times a week when everyone reads for fifteen to thirty minutes shows your children that you value books and reading.

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Encourage your children to share favorite stories with you.

Reading aloud to an adult or telling a story allows the child to practice important skills of oral reading and comprehension.

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Read aloud to your child.

Even when children are able to read, they still enjoy listening to books read aloud. Reading a chapter or two of a children's novel every day also helps increase children's listening skills.

Bring your child to the library often.

In addition to books and other materials, the library offers special programs for children throughout the summer.

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Let them pick books that look "too easy."

Appreciate all the books your child selects, even the "easy" ones. Like adults, children like to read some books that are fun and effortless to read.

Talk about books together.

Tell your child about something you have read and let her tell you about what she is reading. Occasionally read something your child has enjoyed.

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Read on car trips.

When you are on long car trips, read a book aloud or listen to an audio book as a family. It's a great way to pass the time.